FLOYD ON F1: Gloves off in battle for midfield supremacy

As is customary, we are publishing a mid-term report on the F1 teams during the break.

Following last week’s least successful four teams, this week we take a look at the middle of the pack.

Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN

Sixth on constructors table (61 points) Team Chief: Frédéric VasseurTechnical Chief: Jan MonchauxChassis: C42Power Unit: FerrariDrivers: Valtteri Bottas: Ninth in driver’s championship. 46 points – (Sixth Bahrain, Eighth Australia, Fift Emilia Romagna, Seventh Miami, Sixth Spain, Ninth Monaco, Seventh Canada). Suffered two DNF’s (Saudi Arabia, engine temperature and UK-gearbox). Bottas expressed his regained enthusiasm for F1 after his time with Mercedes and early results showed promise. The Finn has obviously brought experience to the team and his ability to develop the car is a major asset, but despite some reasonable results the C42 needs more consistency in performance. Zhou Guanyu: Seventeenth in driver’s championship. Five points (Tenth Bahrain, Eighth Canada). Suffered four DNF’s (Miami water leak, Spain engine cut out, Azerbaijan power unit, UK crash. There is no doubt the young Chinese driver has talent and has demonstrated shown promise but has suffered mechanical problems and survived a horrific crash. One to watch in the second half of the 2022 F1 season.

McLaren F1 Team

Fifth on constructors table (95 points)Team Chief: Andreas SeidlTechnical Chief: James KeyChassis: MCL36Power Unit: MercedesDrivers: Lando Norris: Seventh in driver’s championship. 76 points (Third Emilia Romagna, Fifth Australia, Sixth Monaco and UK, Seventh Saudi Arabia, Austria, France and Hungary, Eighth Spain and Ninth Azerbaijan). Suffered 1 DNF (Miami accident). 1 Fastest Lap (Monaco). Norris has to rate as one of the most impressive young drivers as results demonstrate, but the MCL36 appears to be very circuit dependant often not on the pace, but his sheer talent and determination will see the Englishman climb the ladder. Daniel Ricciardo: Twelfth in F1 driver’s championship.19 points (Sixth Australia, Eighth Azerbaijan, Ninth Austria and France). Suffered one DNF (Saudi Arabia, Power Unit). The Australian has certainly not shown the form expected and has often trailed his team-mate. An improvement in the second half of the season is vital to his future in the sport. Despite happy smiles from Zak Brown all is not well and retirement could be looming for the “honey badger”.

BWT Alpine

Fourth on constructors table (99 points)Team Chief: Otmar SzafnauerTechnical Chief: Pat FryChassis: A522Power Unit: RenaultDrivers: Fernando Alonso: 41 Points – Tenth in F1 driver’s championship. 41 points (Fifth UK, Sixth France, Seventh Monaco and Azerbaijan, Eighth Hungary, Ninth Bahrain, Spain and Canada, Tenth Austria). Suffered 2 DNF’s – Saudi Arabia, water pump and Emilia Romagno accident damage). Often shows the brilliance that gained him the driver’s title in 2005 and 2006 and appeared to be settled at Alpine. His announcement of the move to Aston Martin in 2023 came as a shock to all and one has to ask why? Will be pushing hard in the second half of 2022 and will be worth watching for sheer driver skills. Esteban Ocon: Eighth in driver’s championship. 58 points (Fifth Austria, Sixth Saudi Arabia and Canada, Seventh Bahrain, Australia and Spain, Eighth Miami and France, Ninth Hungary, Tenth Azerbaijan). Suffered one DNF (UK fuel pump). The young Frenchman has certainly settled with Alpine and has shown his determination, 17 points ahead of his team-mate and chasing the best of the rest position for the team will be a driver to watch for the balance of 2022.

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