“Solidifying Peace Is Key” -Gender Minister Tells Liberian Women

Gender Minister, Williametta E. Saydee-Tarr recently, joined hundreds of Liberian women at the climax of a fourteen (14) day fast and prayer event for Liberia and the Sub-region organized by the Liberian Women Mass Action for Peace under the banner of the Women in Peace Building Network (WIPNET).

Delivering a special remark at the Invincible Park Wednesday, June 8, 2022, Minister Saydee-Tarr told the women that a society without peace is like life in the state of nature without knowledge which erases all gains and puts a country backward, noting that without peace there is war and war only brings brutish barbarism.

She stressed that the importance of peace for any society is obvious as such, without peace, no nation and individual can move forward, and that only in a peaceful atmosphere Liberians can continue to grow as a nation and secure their children’s future.

“We can help keep the peace by listening to each other and do our best to understand each other. We have to try to be helpful to each other and see our community as an extension of our homes.” Minister Tarr averred.

She then assured the women that she will deliver their petition to President George M. Weah, adding, “As always, we know he is our premier champion and will definitely ensure that all mandated sectoral agencies purposefully and intentionally carry out their part as it relates to the issues raised therein.”

“You can rest assured that this President as the Feminist -In- Chief, along with his second in command – Chief Dr. Cllr. Jewel Howard Taylor, who is a female and as such will naturally seek our interest as she has already proven to be a staunch gender equality enthusiast; we know for a fact that our President shall continue to support the cause of the women of Liberia.” Minister Saydee-Tarr stated.

She lauded the Liberian Leader for sheltering praying mothers by providing space for women from all walks of life, Christian, Muslim, Traditional alike.

Touching on sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) the Minister appealed: “Let us continue to be watchful of our children and the most vulnerable amongst us in communities, that we shine our eyes on would-be perpetrators as we watch the triggers, and bring attention to it all it is always better to be safe, than to be sorry later. You can never be too protective. Let’s continue to make our quest for peace very inclusive – we need all hands on deck.”

As stated by the Minister, President Weah has not remained silent but has paid keen attention to issues affecting women and children and has mandated his lieutenants to carry out their work intentionally and purposefully.

She used the occasion to call on the women of Liberia to join hands to continue to lobby, advocate and push for the passage of the the 30% gender quota that is currently before the Liberian Senate. “This is an important benchmark for the future of wholesome women representation in Liberia,” the Minister said.

Minister Saydee-Tarr ended by appreciating the organizers, local and regional partners, diplomatic corps, UN partners and all. According to her, without collective support our peace would not be solidified.

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