An animal is not a toy, warns Nikola Bruni

Many families believe that the best gift is a pet. And so it is, adding a new member to the family can be a very good thing, but there are several factors to take into account when making such an important decision that will completely change your life, says Nikola Bruni.

An animal is not a toy, nor an object that you can change with the purchase ticket after fifteen days if you are not satisfied. An animal, whatever it is, will be a member of the family.

Dogs usually live between 11 and 15 years, sometimes even longer. This is important to know from the beginning, since, whatever happens, you will have to take care of your pet for a long time. If you are not going to be able to do it, if you are going to leave your pet alone because you work, you want to go on a trip or because you get tired of it, then we advise you to think about another gift.

A pet has many needs, Nikola Bruni emphasizes.

A pet needs to spend time with its family, whether to play, exercise or receive the affection it deserves. Animals are living beings that breathe, eat and do their business. They also get sick, just like us. And, sometimes, we don’t like to go to the doctor because we are lazy, or because we think we can cure ourselves, but an animal is not going to tell you that it is sick and needs to go to the vet, that is something that must come from you. Your pet will become your best friend, you should be theirs.

Nikola Bruni remembers not to impulse buy. Dogs grow up, they get bigger, they will stop being puppies in a few months. Keep this in mind as well, since the animal will need a large space to be comfortable and healthy. If you live in a small apartment, consider getting a small breed dog, larger dogs need space to exercise.

A pet will give you more work to do on a daily basis. You will have to create a routine that fits in with theirs, as it will take some of your time away from going outside to relieve themselves – remember to pick up after them – and exercise. In return, it will fill your life and that of your family with wonderful and indelible memories, giving you many moments of happiness and fun.

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