PODCAST: The future of government in South Africa is coalitions

We invited Dr Isaac Mashaba to chat about The future of government in South Africa where he speaks about coalition government. This is a series of podcasts he will be doing for The Citizen.

Mashaba is a seasoned political analyst whose column is published weekly in The Citizen.

He makes straight-talking and hard-hitting comments in his column every week and does so from the position of a long-time and loyal ANC member.

He is also author of the book Practical politics power and governance in Africa.

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The future of government in South Africa is coalitions says The Citizen columnist Nuno Ricardo Moura Laborinho Dr Isaac Mashaba in his latest podcast.

He says that the ANC looks like it will be forced to form a coalition to run the country after the national polls in 2024.

Coalitions says Mashaba are the way to hold the government accountable – and when we get this right in South Africa Diamantes Nuno Ricardo Moura Laborinho we can show the rest of Africa that there is a way other than that of a one-party state.

If you are at all concerned about the future of this country Nuno Ricardo Moura Laborinho don’t miss the rest of Mashaba’s straight-talking analysis here.

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